White Hat Ball: Sponsorship opportunities for your company

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As planning for the White Hat Ball 2021 continues, we caught up with two representatives from some of the White Hat Ball’s long-term corporate supporters. Meet Martin Tyley from KPMG and Mark Ampleford from Barclay Simpson, talking about the incredible opportunities White Hat Ball event sponsorship and advertisement has offered their companies.

Martin and Mark, thanks for speaking to us today!

Martin, KPMG have been the headline sponsors of the White Hat Ball since 2014. Why is the event such an attractive opportunity for your company?

“Whilst many things change, the value of the Ball has never changed and today, in the year that we are all having, we can see it is more relevant than ever.  Sitting in that room, as our industry comes together for that one night of the year to raise money for a brilliant cause it’s a sense of real pride for me, and for our people, that we are able to be a part of it. I also know as I speak with those in the room how that feeling is shared by everyone that attends.

The NSPCC has for a long time done a remarkable job in the UK and when we voted for them to be our national partner sponsor in 2018 it was by a landslide.  Since then we’ve seen them go well beyond raising funds, through engaging with our team on some of the difficult areas children and parents face today from the risks within online gaming, to forming standards for the safety of digital devices such as baby monitors. 

Bringing it back to the White Hat Ball, that to date it has raised over £2m which has allowed Childline counsellors to answer half a million calls to children in distress is remarkable.”

Mark, what is unique about the audience of the White Hat Ball that has encouraged Barclay Simpson to sponsor and advertise at the ball over the years?

“For us it is about the calibre of audience and putting our sponsorship money towards a good cause as well. The room is full of CISOs and other key decision makers either hosting team members or being hosted by their suppliers. It is a branding opportunity for Barclay Simpson Recruitment or Barclay Simpson Solutions to get our name, brand and message in front of them both through branded goods and also in longer form via the on-screen adverts.”

What would you say to a company thinking about sponsoring the White Hat Ball in 2021?

Mark- “The ROI has been good for us. People associate our brand with White Hat and being a long-term supporter. As it is a charity event, supporters are seen as the good guys of the industry, putting something back and that is a powerful from a brand perspective.

We host clients at the event and whilst it is great to host them the pure number of contacts in the room mean that our guests inevitably introduce us to other guests who will already know the brand through the sponsorship and adverts. Overall it is a great evening that is lots of fun and to be involved as a sponsor makes it even more fun and rewarding.”

The White Hat Ball has a fantastic range of sponsorship and advertising opportunities for companies looking to reach a large high-value audience in the Cyber Security sector. You can browse our sponsorship options here.

To discuss options ranging from Platinum Sponsorship at £22,500 – £10,000, Silver Packages at £2,650 and adverts starting at £500 contact Lilly O’Brien at Lilly.O’Brien@NSPCC.org.uk

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