Childline at Christmas

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For many children and young people, Christmas is not a time of festivity and merriment, but a time where they are greater risk of abuse and neglect. Find out how you can make a difference this Christmas.

The facts

According to UK-wide police data, there were 23,529 concerns of adults neglecting, mistreating or assaulting children recorded in 2019/20 – an increase of 53% compared to 2016/17, and more than double the total in 2013/14.

Out of these, 5,476 were recorded in the first three months of the spring lockdown with increased vulnerability, challenges of safeguarding remotely and wider pressures on families playing a role. We know that during the spring lockdown, an average of 50 children a day turned to Childline after suffering abuse, with counselling sessions about this issue increasing by 22% compared with pre-lockdown levels.

We’re sharing these findings to warn that children may be at a risk of abuse this Christmas and that everyone needs to play their part in keeping them safe.

NSPCC CEO Peter Wanless said:

“The pandemic is the greatest challenge we’ve faced in decades and these figures are yet another example of its impact on vulnerable children. They also provide a heart-breaking picture of the concern about the number of young people who were exposed to pain and suffering following the start of the pandemic. 

This year it is even more essential that children have a place where they can seek help and support. Our Childline service will be running every day over the Christmas holidays, but we need the public’s support so we can ensure vulnerable children are heard.”

 How you can help children this Christmas

Purchase your ticket for the fun-filled White Hat Unforgettable Day virtual event taking place on 29th January 2021. All money raised will go towards funding Childline for a whole day.

If your company has saved money by not hosting a Christmas Party this year, why not make a donation to Childline instead? Donations can be made on our White Hat Just Giving page.

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