vArmour and White Hat- a partnership

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vArmour, founded in 2011, exists to serve the modern enterprise. Businesses are now reliant on

thousands of applications, many of them distributed across geographies, users, domains, and

infrastructure. These applications create relationships and dependencies between applications, users,

devices, and data, many of them unknown or otherwise obscured. Discovering, observing, and

controlling digital relationships is the next frontier to successfully operating and securing the enterprise.

We’re pleased to be a part of the White Hat community and to support the work of Childline who

provide a friendly ear to children across the UK who may find themselves under stress and needing

someone to talk to. Childline, like us, believe that relationships matter.

Thank you to vArmour for sponsoring this year’s White Hat Ball Afterparty and helping us to raise money for Childline

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